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Three Papers Accepted for the European Control Conference 2024 in Stockholm!

The following papers were accepted for presentation and publication in the conference proceedings:

.- “Closing the Gap to Quadratic Invariance: a Regret Minimization Approach to Optimal Distributed Control“, by Daniele Martinelli, Andrea Martin, Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate, and Luca Furieri.

– “Regret Optimal Control for Uncertain Stochastic Systems“, by Andrea Martin, Luca Furieri, Florian Dorfler, John Lygeros, and Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate

– ” Unconstrained learning of networked nonlinear systems via free parametrization of stable interconnected operators“, by Leonardo Massai, Danilo Saccani, Luca Furieri, and Giancarlo Ferrari Trecate